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VPS hosting tariffs

InstaForex offers the most reasonable prices for the VPS hosting. Traders can choose one of the three VPS configurations for Windows OC with MetaTrader installed. 

Customer account balance VPVPS 256VPS 512VPS 1024
Account balance less than $500USD 10USD 20USD 40
Account balance over $500USD 7USD 17USD 37
Account balance over $1,000USD 5USD 15USD 35
Account balance over $3,000USD 3USD 13USD 33
Account balance over $5,000For freeUSD 10USD 30

The cost of the VPS hosting for 1 month.

The VPS hosting fee will be charged from your deposit. If you have open deals, only free margin will be taken into account when charging the fee. 

Please pay attention that payments for the VPS hosting are considered as withdrawals and can result in partial cancellation of bonus funds.

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