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This is the highest level of partnership with our company. The official status of Introducing Broker implies posting information about the partner office on the company's website, a higher level of customer trust, and the possibility of receiving additional remuneration. If you are ready to open a partner office and officially represent InstaForex in your region, this type of partnership is what you seek.

Apart from the official status that gives you access to the use of a popular brand in solving marketing problems in your region, you are entitled to partner remuneration under the most favorable conditions in comparison with other brokers:

* access to the affiliate statistics;

* opportunity to create your own web-site on a separate domain;

* 1.5-5.3 pips from each transaction of the attracted client;

* percentage from company`s turnover among your clients;

* opportunity to obtain 0.2 pip commission from every deal of subpartners' clients.

If you do not have your own office yet, but consider the possibility of opening a representative office of InstaForex in your region, you may ask our support team for help. You can reach it via the Client Relations Department contact information.

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