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ForexCopy System

What is a Forex Copy system?

Can I choose the copying ratio and currency pairs to copy?

When will a trader receive a commission for copying?

Can I register one account in both the PAMM system and the ForexCopy system?

Can I unsubscribe from the ForexCopy system?

A trader made a profitable deal. A follower copied the trade and manually changed it sufferring losses. Will the trader receive a commission for the trade?

A trader made an unprofitable deal. A follower copied it and manually changed the trade yielding a profit. Will the trader receive a commission for this trade?

Can I cancel a copied trade if I consider it to be potentially unprofitable?

Should a trader confirm a subscription request, or is it accepted automatically?

How fast does the system proceed copying?

I have only a few currency pairs available to copy. Can I have more?

In his copying terms a trader chose all the types of commission to pay. Can I choose one commission, or will I have to pay them all?

I subscribed to a trader, and then he changed a commission. Will I pay a commission according to the old or new copying terms?

Will the settings of the follower's order change if a trader modifies the copied order?

If a follower does not have enough money to pay the commission, does it mean a trader will not receive it?

Can I cancel the subscription to a ForexCopy trader?

Can I (a ForexCopy trader) cancel a ForexCopy follower's subscription to my account?

Can I copy options from a ForexCopy trader's account?